Redesigned 2023 Toyota Prius Photos, Specs, and Opinions

Christian Wardlaw
7 min readNov 17, 2022

The ultimate automotive appliance is now something more.

2023 Toyota Prius Limited parked on a city street.
2023 Toyota Prius Limited (Source: Toyota, for editorial use only)

I have long advocated for the Toyota Prius, which is weird for a driving enthusiast to say. I might even get kicked out of the club for it.

However, most people are not like me. To most people, driving is a chore to be endured and not a pleasure to be relished. Most people would rather spend money on anything but gas, whereas I’m happy to pump premium unleaded at six bucks a gallon into my Mazdaspeed Miata and rip around in the Santa Monica Mountains for no other reason than the sheer joy it brings.

Realizing that I’m in the minority, my opinion has long been that most people, most of the time, should drive a Toyota Prius. It is affordable, great on gas, roomy enough for four adults, and has a hatchback body style with a large trunk and handy folding seats to increase utility. You can even get all-wheel drive for when Old Man Winter arrives.

But damn, that car has been ugly for its entire existence.

At first, the quirks of the design served as a planet-saving badge of honor. “Look at me,” Prius owners seemed to be saying, “virtuously trying to save the world while you selfish fools buy Challengers and jacked-to-the-sky F-150s.” Aerodynamics played a role in the car’s looks, but today…



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